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Mowing Schedule
Field Observations

   May 3rd thru May 9th  Mario Russo

   May 10th thru May 16th  Rob Watson

   May 17th thru May 23rd  Tom Brittain

   May 24th thru May 30th  Larry Nieman

   May 31st thru Jun 6th  Chuck Spencer

   Jun 7th thru Jun 13th  Rob Watson

   Jun 14th thru Jun 20th  Larry Troxell

Larry Nieman at 6:37 AM on Wednesday April 14, 2021

Test of the Report Field Observations page. Will be deleted when completed.

Doc Green at 12:11 PM on Saturday April 3, 2021

No standing water. Ground is damp here and there but not muddy nor squishy. Grass newly mowed. Tables are still askew.

Doc Green at 3:51 PM on Monday March 29, 2021

Standing water between the parking lot and the pit area; also between the pit area and the runway. Standing water along the edges of the runway in places. The hydrology graph on our website indicated 7.83 feet at this time. Tables have been repositioned but not as badly as before. Five drifted down to the frog pond from which six had to be retrieved a short time ago. Summary: too wet to fly cardboard airplanes.

Rob Watson at 1:41 PM on Monday March 15, 2021

Hi everyone. I just mowed the field. So itís nice and tight for great flying!

Rob Watson at 6:56 PM on Sunday March 14, 2021

Just got to The field. After the cleanup day, everything looks great! It is very warm, for the season, with extremely low wind. It is a perfect day to fly! Come on out.

Last Update Friday 9 April, 2021 10:06 AM