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Mowing Schedule
Field Observations

   Jun 20th thru Jun 26th  Mark Fansler

   Jun 27th thru Jul 3rd  Larry Troxell

   Jul 4th thru Jul 10th  Danny Voyles

   Jul 11th thru Jul 17th  Chuck Spencer

   Jul 18th thru Jul 24th  Fred Towler

   Jul 25th thru Jul 31st  Mario Russo

   Aug 1st thru Aug 7th  Tom Brittain

Danny Voyles at 8:44 AM on Thursday April 7, 2022

It appears I will not be able to mow tomorrow. The flood stage map shows the water was within 6" of overflowing the field Wednessday. If anyone gets out to the field today or tomorrow please let me know. Thanks, Danny

Rob Watson at 11:54 AM on Monday June 7, 2021

Hi everyone, we had a great day flying yesterday with Doc, Stephen, Scott, Kim, Mark, and met a new to be member Jay. It was a great day flying, with members helping each other out and a variety of planes in the sky. Itís getting hot and humid, so I recently I bought a 20V battery powered workplace fan to use when Iím at the field. Itís awesome! Really makes it more comfortable. Under $100 on Amazon. Check your email or email WEB Master for link.

Danny Voyles at 1:35 PM on Monday May 24, 2021

Itís hot, the field looks great, and there is NO wind. What a day to fly.

Doc Green at 12:11 PM on Saturday April 3, 2021

No standing water. Ground is damp here and there but not muddy nor squishy. Grass newly mowed. Tables are still askew.

Doc Green at 3:51 PM on Monday March 29, 2021

Standing water between the parking lot and the pit area; also between the pit area and the runway. Standing water along the edges of the runway in places. The hydrology graph on our website indicated 7.83 feet at this time. Tables have been repositioned but not as badly as before. Five drifted down to the frog pond from which six had to be retrieved a short time ago. Summary: too wet to fly cardboard airplanes.

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