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   Feb 15th thru Feb 21st  Need Volunteer

   Feb 22nd thru Feb 28th  Need Volunteer

   Mar 1st thru Mar 7th  Need Volunteer

   Mar 8th thru Mar 14th  Need Volunteer

   Mar 15th thru Mar 21st  Need Volunteer

   Mar 22nd thru Mar 28th  Need Volunteer

   Mar 29th thru Apr 4th  Need Volunteer

Rob Watson at 3:15 PM on Thursday January 21, 2021

Hi everyone. At the field now, itís drier than itís been in a long long long time! Thereís almost no wind. Itís actually a pretty good day to fly! Come on out.

John P Nelson at 1:01 PM on Sunday December 27, 2020

At the field today at 1100, tables and stands are everywhere. Field is very wet, standing water in various places on the runway and pit areas. I moved the tables in the area back to there spots and fixed 3 of the tables under the carport. No wind, nice weather today, but you will need a plane thatís not afraid of a soft runway.

Rob Watson at 4:04 PM on Tuesday December 22, 2020

I was at the field today with Chuck. Despite it being a pretty nice day, the field is completely trashed. The last flood really did a number on it. Our brand new tables are really getting beat up by floating away into the abyss. Chuck and I were talking that the club should consider drilling concrete anchors for each table to secure them, sooner than later! The place looks really sad 😢. Letís enjoy Christmas everyone, and then maybe get a work crew volunteers to pick up the pie

Danny Voyles at 2:04 PM on Sunday December 13, 2020

Itís a little windy but 68 degrees. There is still mud in the pits and on the field but not enough to keep us from flying. There is 11-13 of us flying and it is just a beautiful day to be outside.

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