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R.G. Satow – RC Flying Field


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Lexington, NC


Triad Aeromodelers, Inc. originally was named The Triad Aeromodelers Club when we began flying together as a club back in the early 1990's.  Our original flying site was near Welcome, NC.  A site that is now home to a manufacturing site.  After losing that field in 1994, we were able to obtain use of a closed land fill site at the county land fill.  We felt that we had obtained what would become a permanent site.  We put a lot of effort into developing the land fill site and enjoyed its use for a couple of years.  The bane of many model flying sites hit us with a vengeance in late 1996.  A noise complaint was registered with the county commissioners by a neighbor.  With little fanfare the commissioners canceled our lease and put an end to a very good site.  This was almost the end of our flying club.  Due to a core group of about twenty men who were determined to stay together in the enjoyment of our hobby, a site search was undertaken.

 The search was not a quick operation.  We had people scouring the county for possible sites, newspaper articles were written, farmers were contacted.  In early 1997 we found 18 acres of bottom land that we wanted to see if we could lease on an annual basis      When the owner was contacted, he would not lease. He had to sell the land rather quickly.  The remaining club members got together and decided that we would somehow buy the land.

To buy the land, it was decided that the club would incorporate and place the land in the corporation's name.  This was the beginning of Triad Aeromodelers, Inc.  The down payment for the land was raised by all of the remaining members purchasing shares in the corporation.  The shares were $100.00 apiece and everyone bought as many shares at the time as they could afford.  The land was purchased in August of 1997 using the down payment raised through share sales and with the remaining mortgage money being provided via a loan from a member named Gene Crotts.  Over the next several years we made monthly payments to Gene, and later his widow, until the land was paid for.  During the next several years we leveled and cleared land to open up the acreage pretty much to what you see today.  Around 2002 we had the opportunity to purchase an adjoining 8 acres which we still need to clear the trees from.  Then in 2006 we purchased an additional 4 acres of land.  So today we have a total of 30 acres of land.

    We have had a consistent membership of 45 to 50 members.  These members over the years have been a very hard working group.  We have had many work days that, through the turnout of many members, have resulted in one of the finest flying sites that it has been my privilege to fly at.  We own it, we love it, we developed it, we will continue to develop it , and we will continue to enjoy it for all of the foreseeable future.



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R.G. Satow – RC Flying Field

Our President (Bob Satow) received a “District
Service Award” from the AMA. Only 3 such awards
are given out district-wide yearly.(5 states)
Congratulations Bob and well-deserved!


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