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A Gold Leader Club

Lexington, NC

Club Officers
Mark Fansler
Vice President:
Roger Crook
Steve Tosi
Terry Jordon
Gary Stewart
  Chuck Spencer
  Richard Lowery
  Seth Thomason
Safety Coordinator: Seth Thomason
Flypaper Editor: Mark Fansler

Thought for Today

Here is the Information on the "FAA-Recognized Identification Areas" (FRIA) that Mark researched for us.

Thanks Mark

Remote ID Summary

Remote ID FAQ's

AMA Intro Pilot Trainers

Mark Fansler

Roger Crook


COME JOIN US!... For a relaxing day of sport flying.

If you don't know how to fly, let us know, we will teach you!

Seth, our Safety Coordinator, suggests everyone put a

"First Aid Kit"

in their vehicle.


AMA Government Relations Blog

Setup your triadaero email

IMAC 2019 Official Basic Sequence

Here are the "Academy of Model Aeronautics" Safety Handbook and Safety Code. You can also dowload them on the AMA web site and in our 'About Us / Available Documents' web page

Download the AMA Safety Handbook

Download the AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code

Here is the "Mowing Schedule" for the next six weeks. We need some volunteers so go to the Member's Only Section and sign up. It's really easy just find a date and click anywhere on that line and the system will put your name in for that week. If you put it in the wrong week just click your name and the system will take it out. You can then go to the week you really wanted and click it. Slice of Pie.

   May 3rd thru May 9th  Mario Russo

   May 10th thru May 16th  Rob Watson

   May 17th thru May 23rd  Tom Brittain

   May 24th thru May 30th  Larry Nieman

   May 31st thru Jun 6th  Chuck Spencer

   Jun 7th thru Jun 13th  Rob Watson

   Jun 14th thru Jun 20th  Larry Troxell

Coming Up

5/16/21 – Postponed 1 week for Mother’s Day -Club meeting at RG Satow RC Flying Field at 4:00pm.

6/13/21 - Club meeting at RG Satow RC Flying Field at 4:00pm

Chuck at the field

Here is Chuck giving us a great picture from the outh end of the Field looking North. If you click the picture you can see him take off to the South and Land to the North.

Are you sure your plane is ready to fly!!!

A few weeks back on a beautiful Sunday afternoon the weather was perfect for flying. It was warm and sunny with a slight breeze blowing south, straight up the runway. And on this beautiful Sunday we had five airplane crashes. A body bag was all that was needed on three of them. We can never take all of the potential human error out of flying but we can minimize the mechanical failures if we take that extra 5 minutes to inspect our planes before we take off. As we start this new flying season, please check everything on the plane. Especially if it has been setting in your hanger over the winter. There are hundreds of moving parts, screws & nuts, critical glue joints, electrical connections and settings on an RC plane and all it takes is one failure at the wrong place and the wrong time and that’s the end of a fun day of flying. Secondly, check your batteries. Make sure they will hold a full charge and test them while under a load. Do not hesitate to ask someone for help. A second set of eyes has saved many RC airplanes from crashing. Play it safe and have fun.

Mark Fansler

from May 21 Newsletter



Thought for Today


“Say what you want about aging, it's still the only way to have old friends.”

~ ~ Robert Brault

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