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A Gold Leader Club

Lexington, NC

Club Officers
Mark Fansler
Vice President:
Roger Crook
Steve Tosi
Terry Jordon
Gary Stewart
  Chuck Spencer
  Richard Lowery
  Seth Thomason
Safety Coordinator: Seth Thomason
Flypaper Editor: Mark Fansler



Thought for Today

Here is the Information on the "FAA-Recognized Identification Areas" (FRIA) that Mark researched for us. Thanks Mark

Remote ID Summary

Remote ID FAQ's

Larry Nieman has started a new build. A "Cloud Dancer".

Check out the new pictures of the field Chuck took this afternoon.

AMA Intro Pilot Trainers

Mark Fansler

Roger Crook


Everyone is welcome to come and watch.

If you have a current AMA Membership you should join us for a relaxing day of sport flying..

If you don't know how to fly, let us know, we will teach you!

Seth, our Safety Coordinator, suggests everyone put a

"First Aid Kit"

in their vehicle.

Family Day 2021

I have only received one picture and one movie so far for Family Day. Chuck Spencer provided these.

"The original Cloud Dancer by Fred Reese"

Larry Neiman's Cloud Dancer

If you are new to scratch building your airplanes or if you just want something to build this winter you should check out this airplane and Larry's build. He has supplied the plans and instructions but better than that he is telling about each part of the build and the pit falls he has discovered in the instructions. Like covering the wing from the top spar forward before you drill and pin the landing gear mounting block. Larry is a second generation model builder. Some of you might have been lucky enough to purchase one of the planes his father built. If you did it's easy to see where some of Larry's talent comes from. This article is worth a look.

Here is a link to Larry's Cloud Dancer

Please Take Your TRUST Exam Now.

AMA has been approved to administer The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST). AMA has worked closely with the FAA to ensure that TRUST meets the intent of Congress without placing an undue burden on our hobby community. The TRUST Exam is free to take, so be cautious of any site that has a fee associated with taking the exam. Additionally, some sites might offer to send you a laminated copy of your TRUST completion certificate for a fee. There is no requirement to purchase these cards. There is no set deadline to take TRUST, but the FAA recommends taking the test as soon as practical.

For any additional questions regarding TRUST, visit AMA’s TRUST FAQ.


Here is the "Mowing Schedule" for the next six weeks. We need some volunteers so go to the Member's Only Section and sign up. It's really easy just find a date and click anywhere on that line and the system will put your name in for that week. If you put it in the wrong week just click your name and the system will take it out. You can then go to the week you really wanted and click it. Slice of Pie.

   Oct 11th thru Oct 17th  Rob Watson

   Oct 18th thru Oct 24th  Mario Russo

   Oct 25th thru Oct 31st  Fred Towler

   Nov 1st thru Nov 7th  James Mitchell

   Nov 8th thru Nov 14th  Larry Nieman

   Nov 15th thru Nov 21st  Chuck Spencer

   Nov 22nd thru Nov 28th  James Mitchell

Coming Up

Sun. 11/14/21 - Club meeting at "The Field" at 4:00pm

Sun. 12/12/21 - Club meeting at "The Field" at 4:00pm


Do you have a Specktrum NX8?

If you do and you are having trouble connecting to your WIFI Larry Nieman has done the research, to find how to fix it, for you; however, he has not verified that this fix from Spektrum will work yet. If you are thinking about purchasing an NX8 you might want to see what is involved in fixing it. The answer is on our NewStuff Page. Just click this link and you will be taken directly to it. If anyone tries this fix from Spektrum please let me know if it works.

Thought for Today

American Values It's time to remember that old wisdom our soldiers will never forget, that whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots. "

~ ~ Donald J. Trump (2017-)


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