By Jerry Hailey

Triad Aeromodelers hosted their first ever IMAC completion. The event was named as a memorial to the club secretary that pasted away in December 2010.
            The weather was excellent to say the least. At the most we had a slight breeze and a high temperature in the upper 70’s. Very little clouds so the visibility was unlimited.

On Friday several competitors came out to put in a few practice flights. Avery Poole practiced his free style routine with his Extreme Fight Yak and left the crowd in awe. We had two new pilots that did not enter the contest but did come out to learn how the events run and what to expect. Sunday after the competition Matt Balazs helped one of these gentlemen set up his plane for a future event.

Saturday morning the pilot meeting was held and flight order was picked. Intermediate took to the air first with Primo Rivera putting up a score that Charles Youngblood and Tristan Gallimore would have to dig deep to keep up. Both did just that and didn’t let Primo run off with out a fight.
            The sportsman class first round was won by Jerry Hailey with Howard Mathis edging out Herb Harden for second followed by Avery Poole and Bill Harden. Bill Conklin arrived late and didn’t put up a score for the first round but flew the rest of the contest.
            Basic pilots took to the air with Justin Sebastian showing the way. Chris Reid flying a 17% glow plane is in second followed by Steve Sides and Daniel Jones.
            Advanced Matt Balazs flew in a class by his self, literally. Still the judges scored every maneuver as if this was the final round of the Nats. Matt was able to get in some good rounds with his brand new Dalton MEL powered by a DA200.
            Now it is time for the real pros to go into battle. Wayne Mathews and Joe Cutright flew the Unlimited schedule with such precision it was difficult to tell who won each sequence, bit after the scores were quickly posted by top notch score keeper Phyllis Youngblood  Joe had a 15.9 point lead over the Silver Fox.

As the second round was being flow Triad Aeromodelers served lunch. Grilled Chicken, homemade potato salad, green bean casserole, and an abundance of homemade pies. Every one went away with a smile and a full belly.

Second round Basic had Justin Sebastian still in first with Chris Reid holding onto second. In Sportsman Jerry Hailey still holds first and Howard Mathis in second. Primo is still in first but Charles pulls ahead of Tristan in intermediate. Wayne Mathews extends his lead over Joe, but Joe comes back in the third round to take the top spot going into the unknows.

Only the basic class first place was settled before the unkowns as we all know, anything can happen in the unknown round.

Basic finished the Sunday morning 4th round with Justin Sebastian in first followed by Daniel Jones, Chris Reid and Steve sides.
In Sportsman the finishing order was Jerry Hailey, Bill Harden, Avery Poole, Howard Mathis, Herb Harden, and Bill Conklin.

Intermediate was Primo Rivera, Tristan Gallimore, and then Charles Youngblood.

Wayne Mathews trailed Joe Cutright entering the unknown, but the Silver Fox howled out a victory in the unknown.

In all 16 pilots competed utilizing 15 qualified judges. Thanks to the help from Triad Aeromodelers club members and the IMAC pilots the contest went smooth.  Club members are already planning an event for next year. We hope you will join us.