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Club Officers
Vice President:
Larry Nieman
Steve Tosi
Mark Fansler

Safety Coordinator:

Chuck Spencer
Gary Stewart
  David Thomason
  Richard Lowery
  John Harrison

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Larry Nieman's magnetic build table is great. Check it out on the New Stuff Page. And check out Airfield Models.

John Bailey's Pictures from Bob's Memorial


AMA Intro Pilot Trainers

Mark Fansler

Roger Crook


COME JOIN US!... For a relaxing day of sport flying.

If you don't know how to fly, let us know, we will teach you!

Chuck, our Safety Coordinator, suggests everyone put a

"First Aid Kit"

in their vehicle.


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Here are the "Academy of Model Aeronautics" Safety Handbook and Safety Code. You can also dowload them on the AMA web site and in our 'About Us / Available Documents' web page

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Next time you see this gentleman at the field you need to thank him for all the work he does. Even though it goes un-noticed some times he just keeps on like the Energizer Bunny. The day I took this picture Gary replaced the door on the flight Box, repainted the flight box, put new flashing on the shed and touched up the paint where it needed it. When I thought he was finished and he started packing up his tools he pulls out this weed whacker and starts in with it. Thanks Gary from all of us for what you do.


Coming Up

11/8/19 – Club meeting at Hoyt’s Restaurant. 

Meeting at 7:00pm

12/13/20 -Club meeting at Hoyt’s Restaurant

Meeting at 7:00pm

So here is Rob's FP-T4L. An oldie but a goodie. Two sticks, four trims, and an off on switch.What more could a man want? A battery meter? It has that too.

"Watch Your Prop"

Safety Buzz from Satow Field August 2020 

From : Rob Watson

Hi guys. I had a crazy incident at my workshop yesterday tuning an old Enya 53 4C.
            My old Lanzo  Record  Breaker from 1985 or so (7’ wing span) was on a table set up not so different than what we have at the field, secured by a tail brace instead of in front of the wing. Probably at 9500 RPM, I suppose it backfired, and threw the prop. The plane was in my shop driveway maybe 10 feet outside the rollup door, with the prop facing toward the shop. Fortunately I was behind the plane holding the transmitter.
            This is what happened: the prop spinner nut, thrust washer and lock washer flew sideways like bullets, angled a little bit forward.  The intact prop flew 50 feet straight off the front of the plane, through the open shop door hitting the back shop wall and ricocheting around for a bit before ending up on the floor.  Amazingly, that prop narrowly missed 2 motorcycles and my Carl Goldberg Aniversary Edition Cub wing I just finished!
            So no damage done. However it got me thinking about the two tables we have at the field right in front of the shaded picnic table area.  Those are the ones that are facing sideways down the flightline, where all the other tables have the planes facing the field.  If a prop came off a plane on one of those tables, it would go straight down the flightline were pilots are standing.  
            I wanted to pass this along to you, for consideration to change the direction of those tables, or do something else with them. I realize if they were faced like the rest of the tables people in the picnic area would get hit with prop wash, fuel, smoke  etc.... that might not be good either.
            This is just a heads up for your consideration. I will not use those tables any longer because of this potential.
            Accidents happen, but I feel very fortunate I was behind the plane and my son or someone else wasn’t inside the shop in the path of that flying prop... we frequently have more than one person in the shop at a time.  Pretty scary to see how dangerous these engines can be and how fast stuff happens. 

Watch Your Prop!


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“As government expands, liberty contracts.”

~ ~ Ronald Reagan

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