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A Gold Leader Club

Lexington, NC

Club Officers
Bob Satow
Vice President:
Larry Neiman
Steve Tosi
Mark Fansler

Safety Coordinator:

Chuck Spencer
Gary Stewart
  David Thomason
  Richard Lowery
  John Harrison

Triad Aeromodelers 22nd Annual Swap Meet has been Cancelled.

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AMA Intro Pilot Trainers

Bob Satow

Mark Fansler

Roger Crook


COME JOIN US!... For a relaxing day of sport flying.

If you don't know how to fly, let us know, we will teach you!

Chuck, our Safety Coordinator, suggests everyone put a

"First Aid Kit"

in their vehicle.

First Aid Kits are like guns and Parachutes in that if you ever really need one and you don't have it you might not ever need it again. Put a First Aid Kit in your truck today.

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IMAC 2019 Official Basic Sequence

Here are the "Academy of Model Aeronautics" Safety Handbook and Safety Code. You can also dowload them on the AMA web site and in our 'About Us / Available Documents' web page

Download the AMA Safety Handbook

Download the AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code

Twenty Five Years Service by Our President

Bob Satow


Today was a very special day for our club president, Bob Satow, and for the club in general.  At the end of the club meeting, the club presented Bob with a plaque which included two pictures.  The top picture was a paver that was purchased by the club to be included in the construction of the Legacy Walk located at the Triple Tree Aerodrome facility in Woodruff, SC.  It is the venue for the R/C event called the Joe Nall.  The second is the picture of the Legacy Walk where Bob's paver is included.

Bob was also presented with another paver to be included at the AMA headquarters facility in Muncie, IN.  This presentation was given by our AMA District IV Vice President - Jay Marsh.  It will be a part of the Walk of Fame.  Both presentations were for the support and dedication Bob has given to our club for the past 25 years.  Please see the pictures of the paver that was presented to Bob by our club (pictures attached.)

If anyone took pictures at the meeting today, please send a couple of the best pictures to Jay Marsh.  He has mentioned that he would like to include a couple of pictures in the AMA Model Aviation magazine.

Thanks to all who helped make the flying field look spectacular today.  It was a team effort.

The next time you see Bob, please congratulate him.

John Harrison

Jay Marsh email available to members from John Harrison

or the web master


"Watch Your Prop"

Safety Buzz from Satow Field June 2020 

Fire Extinguishers
I’ll begin with a quote from the last safety buzz.
“A small LiPo fire can be subdued with a fire extinguisher (CO2, ABC) realize that the battery will most likely continue to burn once it starts. The extinguisher will put out the coffee table, not the battery. A class D extinguisher is excellent, but is fairly expensive and inappropriate for other fires.”

I’ll bet some of you guys with trucks already have a fire extinguisher handy. I hope so; it’s a good idea. It’s been some time since I had one on board, but I’m going to add one to the Jeep and the Ol’ Geezer Auto too. Same as with the first aid kits I recommend for your vehicle, it’s a long “run” up the hill to the hangar and access is difficult. Therefore, it’s best at least some of us, if not all have equipment on hand right near the flight line (in the unlikely event it’s needed.)

So, I’m suggesting you keep in mind the idea of adding a fire extinguisher alongside your first aid kit. Hopefully, one among us will be able to thoroughly powder up your smoking plane. Wherever your LiPo battery might be strapped in is going to keep cooking----toast?

Watch Your Prop!


Coming Up

7/12/20 – Club Meeting at Club field.  Meeting starts at 4:00pm

8/9/20 - Club Meeting at Club field.  Meeting starts at 4:00pm

9/13/20 - Club Meeting at Club field.  Meeting starts at 4:00pm

10/11/20 - Club Meeting at Club field.  Meeting starts at 4:00pm

11/8/19 – Club meeting at Hoyt’s Restaurant. 

Dinner at 6:00 and meeting at 7:00pm


More from or 5/14/2020 Meeting

Pictures taken by Larry Troxell.

Thanks Larry



Thought for Today


“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary ”

~ ~Vince Lombardi

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