w sb 425 & H sb 295
Triad Aeromodelers, Inc.


A Gold Leader Club

Lexington, NC

Club Officers
Bob Satow
Vice President:
Larry Neiman
Steve Tosi
Mark Fansler
Directors: Gary Stewart
David Thomason
  Terry Jordan
  Roger Crook

"Thought for Today "

37th Annual Joe Nall Week

AMA Intro Pilot Trainers

Bob Satow

Mark Fansler

Roger Crook


COME JOIN US!... For a relaxing day of sport flying.

If you don't know how to fly, let us know, we will teach you!

Good Reading!!!

Would you like to know why this is bad, especially for us new pilots? Would you like to fix that one model you have that is prone to tip stalls? Then click this picture and see what the AMA and Dave Scott have to say about it.

Coming Up

6/9/19 - Club Meeting at Club field.  Meeting starts at 4:00pm.
7/14/19 - Club Meeting at Club field.  Meeting starts at 4:00pm.
8/11/19 -Club Meeting at Club field. Meeting starts at 4:00pm
8/17/19 - National Model Aviation Day
8/17/19 –Club event to-be-determined

9/8/19 -Club Meeting at Club field. Meeting starts at 4:00pm

If your thinking about going to the NATS this year here is the link for information.


What is going on at the field.

  • I know that things that happen at the field stay at the field. NOT But this is just too funny to keep from the world. We have a pilot with an electrifying personality and now that he is firmly convinced that he can fly without fuel I guess he decided he didn’t need wings either. As his fuselage gracefully rolled the length of the field his wing did back flips 10 feet in the air above it. The wing bolts nowhere to be found. In his defense he did say he was excited to be flying Tuesday.


  • The Swamp is being drained. Check out the work on the ditch in the middle of the field. Work is coming along.


  • Hot Dogs were great last Tuesday. Everyone should thank Dave for the job he does cooking them and getting everything ready. If you haven't tried one you should come out Tuesday evening.

Thought for Today

"Memory is what tells a man that his wife's birthday was yesterday."

~ ~ Mario Rocco

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